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Who Else Wants an Affiliate System and a Store to Sell Your

Products and Services…all on Auto Pilot?

And…Who Else Wants Someone Else to Set-Up AND

Run Your Affiliate Store For You?

That’s exactly what you get when you join Affiliate Systems.

We set up and administer your affiliate system for you.

You get:

  • An affiliate system website for your affiliates to sign up for your system
  • A Products and Services storefront for your affiliates’ customers to buy your products
  • Your affiliates paid for you
  • Marketing and training resources for your Affiliates
  • Hosting for two separate sites, one on and the other on
  • Complete set up of all your products and product images
  • Real time tracking of your affiliate activity
  • Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions of Use for review
  • Recommendations for your product sales and marketing
  • Pre-written emails to send to your affiliate prospects
  • You can Sell More Products and Services with Your own Affiliate System…

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Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Why your peers or competitors appear to be selling more products than you do?
  • How others build product empires?
  • How other professionals find the time to develop and market their products?

Are You Like Some People Who Don’t?

  • Know where to find the right affiliate program?
  • Have the time or know-how to set-up and manage an affiliate system?
  • Know how to get started?

If any of the above have ever crossed your mind, don’t worry…you’re not alone.

Others have the same concerns…

And…If You Want To Discover How To:

  • Build Your Business
  • Sell More Products
  • Help More People
  • AND…Make More Money…

By having YOUR OWN affiliate program…Read on…

So, you might be asking…Why should I have my own Affiliate Program?

The answer is simple…because it works!

It’s in your best interest to have other people selling your products, just like Amazon does. Imagine an army of individuals selling your
products and reaching more people than you can by yourself.

And best of all…. The entire process is automated once you provide us the initial setup materials.

With YOUR OWN Affiliate System you can:

  • Invite or send anyone to your site to apply to become an affiliate.
  • Share marketing materials you designed.
  • Determine all commission levels.
  • Maintain a record of affiliate activity, sales, commissions and payouts.
  • Quickly introduce new products.
  • Have YOUR own products showroom open 24/7
  • Create higher visibility, credibility and product activity.

It’s simple and it’s so easy…Hands-Off Technology…We do all the work for you!

Imagine Having Your Own Army of Affiliates Selling Your Products 24/7… All On Auto-Pilot!

Imagine being able to allow all your friends, clients, audiences, students and other marketing affiliates the opportunity to sell and promote your products while helping others…and earning money.

Remember…We Set-up and Administer This Program For You.

All you have to do is promote the site to your audiences, clients, and prospects and create more products for your affiliate army to sell .

You will continue selling your products by yourself, but now supported by a potential army of affiliates from around the world.

YOUR Personalized Affiliate Program Online in less than 30 days

You’ll have a system in place to:

  • Deliver your downloadable products.
  • Track your sales in real time.
  • Provide individually optimized product pages allowing search engines and others to find them quickly.

Register Today… In less than 30 days, you’ll have your personalized affiliate system in place ready to welcome a potential army of affiliates.

After you register you’ll provide us with your:

  • Product titles, images, sales copy and pricing.
  • Categories for your products.
  • Corporate name for disclaimers & terms of use.
  • Downloadable E-books, mp3s, videos, etc.
  • Personal biography.
  • Welcome message audio or video for your potential affiliates.

We do the rest for you…

Click Here to Get Your Own Personalized Affiliate System

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